customs + pwyw


  • Sketch [$10/800 Points]

  • Flat Color [$15/1200 Points]

  • Shaded [$20/1600 Points]

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  • Sketch [$40/ 3200 Points]

  • Flat Color [$50/4000 Points]

  • Shaded [$60/4800 Points]

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  • Scene [$100 / 8000 Points]

  • + additional character [+$15 / 1200 Points]

Always come in painted style + with backgrounds!

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  • reference sheet [60$+/4800 points]

first example is base price, additional things may cost extra

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  • pay what you want [Min. 10$]

fully artistic freedom, will do whatever funky wacky stuff comes to mind, can be sketches to fully rendered pieces
for simplicity these will go by every 20$ = 1 hour spent on the piece

you can ask for customs for these, however they will only be done based on short prompts/ideas/words/songs/images and still be fairly experimental!

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  • keychains [100$/8000 Points]

Base price includes 3 digital fullbodies and 3 physical keychains that will be shipped to you
i generally default to the holographic effect but theres a few to choose on, we can discuss details in dms!

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Note: Due to undiagnosed/unmediacted health issues, commissions can take up to several months to complete, i will keep you updated however please keep in mind i may not always have the energy to reply to something right away!

You can check out my trello to track commission progress!
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by commissioning me, you automatically agree to the terms of service
i will inmediately blacklist you if i find out you broke any of these rules

art and designs by me may not be used for NFT purposes at all.i reserve the right to cancel or decline any commission, if cancelled or a refund is requested, the amount refunded will be in relation to the commissions completenesspayment is due upfront, for commissions above 50$ half upfront and half after completion or other payment plans (please discuss this with me in advance) are okay!small edits/mistake fixes are free, however large edits will require extra payment [only applies after the sketch was completed and approved, large edits during the sketch phase are free]my art may not be used for commercial purposes unless previously discussed, i will generally charge 300% of the original commission price for commercial usage rightsi will not do work based on character descriptions, they must have at least one reference image with clear colors for me to use.please credit my toyhouse [L0st] for any art/characters uploaded on there, and @xahastarian on any other platform! do not post my art without credit.

Will/Won't do

a small list of things im comfortable drawing, if you're unsure about something feel free to ask!

will draw:
feral charactersanthro charactersnon-humanoid fantasy characters/creaturesanimals
non-canon fandom characters [ie, will draw a pikachu oc but not ash's pikachu]organic and inorganic backgrounds!NSFW [I will not draw sexual nsfw of feral characters, or people/creatures who cannot legally consent, anything that makes me uncomfortable will also be denied!]
might draw:
Humanoid characters with fantasy elements [Faun/Satyrs/Minotaurs/Centaurs, etc...]Anything else that doesn't fall under "won't draw" [ask!]
won't draw:
hateful content/content that is meant to offend a person or group of peopleHuman characters, i'm not quite experienced enough to draw them comfortably!Most mechs/extremely detailed characters unless they can be simplified, i'm willing to give some a try though!
(everything below is relating to sexual content/nsfw, in case you're grossed out/not interested in that you can stop reading here!)

sexual nsfw depicting minors, animals, feral characters or any other creature which cannot consent [since the age of consent differs in a lot of countries, i will be using 18 as the age of consent for my content]nsfw content depicting fetishes which make me uncomfortable [largely just piss/scat/vore/inflation/feet stuff], not gonna kinkshame you i just don't feel comfortable drawing art depicting them! <3