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Feel free to ask for quotes even if commissions are closed!

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Note: Options with the patreon icon in front of them are patreon-exclusive commission types!

Digital Art

Physical Items


Lineart/Sketch - 800 Points/ $10
Flat Color - 1200 Points/ $15
Shaded - 1600 Points/ $20

Symmetrical Headshots

Can have text around it, otherwise will have a thin black box around the headshot!
400 Points/ $5


Sketches - 1200 Points / $ 15
Lineart - 2000 Points/ $25
Flat Color - 2800 Points/ $35
Shaded - 3600 Points/ $45


3600+ Points / $45+
Price will be calculated on a case by case basis, includes a fully shaded fullbody and a background, more characters can be added.
Note: Examples are unfinished, will update once they're all done!


Lineart/Sketch - 1200 Points/ $15
Flat Color - 1600 Points/ $20
Shaded - 2400 Points/ $30

Pixel Icons

800 Points/$10
>Headshot Icons are added for free on comms above 40€ [Total], 1 for every character.
Glitch Effects can be added for free on request.

Small Pixel Icons 32x32 px

320 Points/$4
>May not be able to fit all character details in these, will be simplified
Characters with contrasting colors usually look better!

Reference Sheets & Redesigns

>Redesigns are included in ref sheets,but if you don't want a full ref just for a redesign, go to customs instead! <3

Reference Sheet - 4800 Points/$60

Includes Banner either to the side or at the top of the reference sheet
Examples are not yet finished


>Options are written down as Customs here but redesigns fall under the same category! [Redesigns are also included in Refs]

More simple than reference sheets!

Normal Customs - 2800 Points/$35
Chibi Customs - 1600 Points/$20

[All options in here are experimental and new options may be added/removed regularly]

Experimental - PWYW

Pay what you want! [800 Points/$10 Minimum]
>What you get will be a surprise! The more you pay, the more time i will spend rendering the piece!

Sketchpages - PWYW [2800 Points/$35 Minimum]
>Content of Sketchpage depends on how much you pay, will always have at least 1 flat colored fullbody and 2 headshots with minimum price.

Custom Keychains

[5600 Points / $70]
> Always come in batches of 3 [Due to manufacturing limitations], can be the same character in 3 different poses, or 3 different characters! [Can do more than 3 too, contact me for price quotes!]

>Comes with both the digital fullbodies, as well as physical keychains sent to you!

>Important: Because the keychains have to be in cmyk instead of rgb color settings, blues get absolutely beaten to death, i will try my very best to have them look accurate to their actual colors but there will be slight differences [This only applies to the keychains, the digital art will be accurate to the characters colors!]

Terms of Service. By commissioning me you agree to these terms.

My Commissions are not first come first serve, every time i publicly open i will choose 1-3 Commissions i'd like to work on, so i dont burn out/get overwhelmed halfway through my owed list (again)

1. >[Once I open commissions, fill out the form! Can be found under the "forms" option on the previous page]
2. >[If I pick your commission, i will let you know that i have accepted it, and will begin to work on a sketch]
3. >[Sketch will be sent to you for approval]
4. >[Once approved, i will finish the piece, when i finish it, I will send you a small, watermarked thumbnail of the finished artwork, and an invoice]
5. >[Once you pay, i will send you the full size image!]

Note: If you are a patreon member, you do not have to wait until commissions are open to request one, just send me a message on any social media and we can figure it out :)

You can commission as many pieces as you'd like with one slot!


Accepted forms of payment:
PayPal (through invoice or ko-fi)
DA Points [80 Points = $1]
Credit Card (through ko-fi)
Apple Pay (through ko-fi)

Payment plans can be discussed for commissions over $70

2021 Commission Info

80 Points = 1€

-I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason

-My art may not be used comercially/for profit, characters designed by me may be used in any projects, commercial or not.

-You must provide a clear character reference for commissions.

Will draw:
Dragons (Both WOF and Not, and any variation of them like: Wyverns, Amphipteres, Drakes, etc)*

*Ask for Flight Rising dragons! I might draw them but it depends a lot on their complexity/what species they are.

Canines and Felines


Mostly any quadrupedal animals/creatures with similar anatomy to those mentioned above.

Complex Characters

Closed species with anatomy similar to those mentioned above.
[Examples of CS im comfortable drawing:]
Esks/TWWM [Depends on complexity]

NSFW Art [Ask] - Gore will always be fine, Ask for anything else.
Note: Will likely not be posted publicly!

Will not draw:

Hate/Transphobic/Homophobic/Ableist/Racist Art etc. Any artwork meant to hurt a person or a group of people will not be tolerated at all

Copyrighted Characters (Spyro, Toothless, etc), Fan characters are fine! Please make sure you have the permission of the character owner if you commission art of someone else's oc!

Humans,Humanoids,Mechas [Mecha Dragons/Quadrupedal creatures are okay as long as they're not super complex!].

Ask if you’re unsure about anything!

I will not accept commissions from anyone on my blacklist, ban evading through someone else will get the other person blacklisted too.
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I will only have 3 slots open at once and then close comms again, you may buy as much art with one slot as you'd like.

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open

You can contact me on any of these:

[Order from most active to inactive, though i do check all of them very regularly]